* Source Map feature only works if the devtools are open!

* In each of the following cases, an actual demonstration happens in the page, so make sure to always read the source code and look for the examples in addition to reading the text!

* Browser cache can mess up the demos occasionally, so if something doesn't seem to work as the demo page says it should,
reopen the demo in incognito mode once in a while!

Say Hello To Source Map Feature! (INTRO)
Dynamically construct a url is possible!
Source Map feature requests can bypass any CSP rule!
Source Map feature respects headers!

Full Examples

Anti Debugging Mechanism (This example's source code will be much harder to read and understand - but the demo itself should help you get the idea!)

Supported Browsers

Every behavior of the Source Map feature that is demonstrated in this project is fully supported in every major browser, regardless of the running os!
Yep. I'm talking about Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Edge, and maybe more - all of them will reproduce the same behavior in every demo that can be found in this project!
in some of them (Firefox, Safari and perhaps more), the page must be refreshed when devtools are already opened and are set to the resources inspecting tab in order for it to work.
also, in Safari it seems that bypassing CSP with the SourceMapURL trick doesn't work.
I believe this research should be relevant for mobile browsers as well, when inspecting their code using desktop browsers devtools. However I cannot tell this for sure as I have not tested it myself.

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~ By Gal Weizman